Getting to School

Getting to School


Please help us make journeys to our school active, social, safe and sustainable.

We encourage you to walk with your children to and from school as it:

  • Helps improve your child’s fitness and health (and yours).
  • Helps them to arrive at school awake, alert and ready to learn.
  • Helps keep the school gates clear of cars, so it is safer for everyone.
  • Helps your child to learn road sense skills and become familiar with their


  • Reduces polluting car emissions in the environment.

Did you know Orewa Primary School has two great Walking School Bus routes?

One operates from Roberta Crescent and the other from Maygrove.

Walking School Bus walkers have heaps of fun and friendship on the way to and from school as well as getting there safely.

If you would like your child/ren to participate in the Orewa Primary School Walking School Bus, please contact the school office for an information pack.