Supporting Successful Learning

Supporting Successful Learning

We encourage and support all of our students to achieve their highest academic  potential across all learning areas.

Through a range of activities, resources and technologies, different learning styles and needs are catered for to assist in the best learning outcomes for all students.

Some of the ways students receive extra, targeted support in their learning are through the following programmes:

  • Quick 60, Reading Recovery
  • ESOL (English Speakers of other Languages) – small group support
  • Small groups needs based support with Teacher Aides
  • Apps – to engage learners in reading and writing
  • Thinking Caps – Mathematics tuition

Options for Gifted and Talented are available through:

  • Gifted and Talented Programme
  • Differentiated inquiry based learning programmes
  • ICAS
  • A wide range of extra-curricular opportunities

Support agencies available:

  • RTLB – Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour
  • RT:Literacy – Resource Teacher of Literacy
  • Ministry of Education – Special Education


Sport for school

Orewa Primary School provides a strong programme of sporting activities in which we encourage all students to participate.

Our students are involved in the following sports within the school and the wider community.  Most offer opportunities for Inter-school competitions.

Sporting opportunities include:

Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Touch Rugby, Rippa Rugby, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, Swimming, Cross Country, Gymnastics and Athletics.

In addition PE activities include Skipping, Ball Skills, Jump Jam, Dance & Fitness programmes.

Throughout the year coaches are employed at lunch-time to develop the skills for seasonal sports.